Credit Card Combos

“What card should I get?”

That’s always the #1 question.  And unfortunately the answer is always:

“It depends.”

It depends on your travel goals, your flexibility, and your expectations.  All of the Delta SkyMiles in the world are useless if you are shooting for business class flights on Emirates or Qatar Airways.  And expecting to fly your family of four in Singapore Airlines Suites over Christmas break is setting yourself up for disappointment.

It also depends on your desire and ability (or lack thereof) to open multiple credit cards in order to compile the points needed for a specific award flight.

So there’s no easy answer.  That is why I’m laying out a few potential credit card combos that can help get you started.

Still have questions or need a few pointers? Feel free to drop us a line.  We’d love to help!

1. “I’m Nervous”

2. “I’ll Give it a Shot”

3. “Count Me In”

4. “Hold My Beer”

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