Meet Jameson and Taryn

You’ve probably seen a lot of frequent flyer blogs.  Some travel bloggers and credit card points enthusiasts literally earn a living by sharing their perfectly Instagrammed adventure around the world.

That’s not us.  We’re just normal people with normal jobs and a penchant for travel.  After one too many long-haul flights in economy class (I’m looking at you, 20 hour flight to Johannesburg), we were determined to enjoy the journey as much as the destination. So we navigated the confusing array of award charts and credit card category bonuses to strategically redeem roughly 500,000 points for business class travel around the world.

We’re here to share our adventure with credit card points and help other infrequent flyers become jetsetters.

We are proud Michiganders who live and work in Washington, DC.  Jameson works for Uncle Sam, and Taryn is a medical professional in the Maryland suburbs.  Besides Michigan sports and our dog (Desmond Howard), our priority is traveling as much as possible.

Taryn likes checklists, knocking on the side of the plane door for good luck, and trashy reality television.   You can find Taryn spoiling Desmond or getting way too interested in Teen Mom.

Jameson likes bagging his own groceries, hotels with free breakfast, and Oxford commas.  Odds are that Jameson is obsessively planning our future trips or is somehow maintaining faith in the always-terrible Detroit Lions.

Send us a message if you have any credit card points questions, want travel advice, or if the stockpile of miles you’ve been hoarding are burning a hole in your pocket.

Jameson spends WAY too much time looking up potential frequent flyer mile redemptions, so he can probably give a suggestion or two.


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